TULP Protocol: Trusless Uniswap Liquidity Provisioning

TULP, developed on NOYA's infrastructure, represents a significant innovation in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, especially regarding Uniswap v3 (UNIv3) liquidity provisioning. Here is why TULP is different:

UNIv3 ZKML Composable LP

The UNIv3 ZKML Composable Liquidity Pool (LP) is a groundbreaking advancement that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize yield across different fee tiers and ranges within the UNIv3 protocol. This optimization is critical because UNIv3 allows liquidity providers (LPs) to allocate their capital to specific price ranges, significantly affecting the potential returns based on the volatility and trading volume within those ranges.

Technical Innovation

AI-Driven Range Selection: By using AI models, the Composable LP dynamically adjusts its positions to optimize for yield, moving away from static or manually adjusted ranges. This innovation ensures that capital is always deployed in the most efficient manner possible, considering historical and real-time market data.

ZKML Technology: Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning (ZKML) ensures that while the AI model can learn from vast amounts of data across the blockchain, the underlying strategies remain private and secure. Users don’t need to trust strategy managers; they only need to trust a fixated private AI model.

Univ3 Omnichain ZKML LP

The Univ3 Omnichain ZKML LP extends the capabilities of the Composable LP by not only optimizing across fee tiers and ranges but also across different chains. This product seeks to identify and utilize the highest-yielding opportunities irrespective of the blockchain, thus significantly broadening the potential for yield optimization.

Technical Innovation:

Omnichain Optimization: Through sophisticated AI algorithms, this vault assesses yield opportunities. across multiple chains, considering factors such as transaction fees, bridging fees, and native rewards on each chain. This cross-chain functionality is pivotal in a fragmented blockchain ecosystem.

Meta Pool

The Meta Pool covers a wide array of assets, fee tiers, and chains, offering a unified vault for liquidity provision that AI optimizes. This pool is designed to be the ultimate solution for liquidity providers looking for diversified exposure across the entire DeFi ecosystem without the need to manage multiple positions or understand the intricacies of each chain or asset.

Technical Innovation:

Comprehensive Asset Coverage: By covering different assets, the Meta Pool optimizes for yield across different assets, chains, and fee tiers. The model takes into account asset risk, asset price, and yield volatility, among other things.

Hedged Omnichain LP

The Hedged Omnichain LP introduces a novel approach to risk management in liquidity provisioning by incorporating hedging strategies through power perpetuals. This product aims to protect liquidity providers from significant market downturns or volatility spikes and aims to minimize impermanent loss.

Technical Innovation:

Integration with Power Perpetual: By using derivatives like power perpetuals, the LP can hedge against adverse market movements, protecting the provided capital.

AI-Driven Hedging Strategies: The AI agent determines not only the optimal positions across chains and assets but also the best times and methods to hedge, using a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and risk factors.

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