Modular design

NOYA is designed with modularity at its core to ensure it is future-proof. The architecture divides key functionalities into distinct modules: data oracles, training, movements, execution, verification, bridging, and messaging, each with its specific role:

  • Data Oracles: Data inputs are currently verified optimistically, with fraud proofs under development to ensure authenticity and integrity.

  • Training: Managed by an agent architect, training processes are flexible but require that proofs of previous model results be published on IPFS using NOYA's pre-committed inputs.

  • Movements: Movements and their proofs are published on IPFS, ensuring transparency and verifiability.

  • Execution: Transactions are validated and executed by keepers, entities responsible for maintaining the integrity and execution of operations.

  • Verification: Watchers oversee the blockchain to detect any irregularities or misbehavior, acting as a secondary layer of security.

  • Bridging: The bridging process is modular, allowing for the choice among multiple bridges provided by LiFi, catering to diverse cross-chain needs.

  • Messaging: Secure messaging is achieved through LayerZero, integrated with Polyhedra, to ensure safe and reliable cross-chain communications.

Each of these separate components contributes to NOYA's robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure, designed to meet the evolving demands of blockchain technology and its applications

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