Bridges: The Omnichain Conduits of NOYA

Current Limitations

Traditional DeFi protocols are often confined to a single blockchain, leading to fragmented liquidity and isolated ecosystems. This fragmentation deters the efficient flow of assets and limits the scope of operations and strategies. Even when protocols claim to be omnichain, they typically rely on a particular bridging solution. This approach is rudimentary and often suboptimal as it neglects the availability of safe native asset bridges and fails to use the most efficient routes.

NOYA's solution

NOYA's strategic partnership with LiFi: A move that ensures optimal asset routing across different blockchains. By leveraging LiFi's technology, NOYA has access to the most efficient routes between various bridges and decentralized exchanges (DEXes), surpassing the limitations of conventional single-bridge solutions. This integration allows NOYA to intelligently navigate the multichain landscape, ensuring that assets are transferred and routed through the most effective routes, considering factors like transaction fees, slippage, and processing speed. NOYA's approach to bridging is not just about connectivity; it's about optimized, intelligent, and seamless interoperability, ensuring that liquidity moves in the most resourceful and strategic manner possible across DeFi.

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