Protocol Launches – NOLA, TULP, LYFA, and More

( 3 protocols ready to be deployed)

The roadmap includes launching an array of omnichain protocols like NOLA (Lending Aggregation), TULP ( LP optimization), and LYFA (Collateral and Leverage automated management). They represent NOYA's commitment to diversifying and strengthening its DeFi offerings, promising robust solutions that cater to the evolving demands of the market. The best thing about this is that the code and the infrastructure are ready to support them.

AI Intents

( 80% done)

At the forefront of technological intersection, NOYA is set to introduce AI Intents, an ambitious initiative where artificial intelligence transcends traditional boundaries to fulfill specific objectives across diverse DeFi protocols and chains. For example, Imagine a user who wants to farm only on Optimism and Arbitrum and only wants to use USDC and USDT; The AI-Agent (solver) can solve for his intent publishing movements to optimize for his liquidity.

AI Agent Marketplace:

A groundbreaking platform is on the horizon – the AI Agent Marketplace. This platform is envisioned as a bustling hub for trading and collaborating on cutting-edge AI models and strategies. It's more than just a marketplace; it's a breeding ground for innovation, offering creators and investors a space to exchange, refine, and implement AI-driven financial solutions. All agents will be rewarded in proportion to the yield they give their users.

While the public roadmap itself is a source of excitement and anticipation, the unspoken, unrevealed future plans of NOYA resonate with the profound potential and promise of this pioneering platform. As NOYA ventures into these uncharted territories, it invites the community to join in a journey where imagination and innovation pave the way for a new era in AI and DeFi.

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