Risk and Warning

Risks Disclaimer and Warnings:

1. Awareness of Risks:

1.1. Market Risks: Participants understand the cryptocurrency and DeFi markets' inherent volatility. The value of digital assets can change rapidly, and there is a potential for financial loss.

1.2. Regulatory Risks: The cryptocurrency and DeFi sector is subject to evolving regulations. Participants bear the responsibility for legal compliance in their respective jurisdictions.

1.3. Security Risks: Engaging with cryptocurrency and DeFi necessitates robust security measures. Participants are urged to safeguard their assets and personal data vigilantly.

1.4. Scams and Fraud Risks: The cryptocurrency realm is prone to scams and fraud. Vigilance, thorough research, and reporting of suspicious activities are crucial.

2. Clarity of Information:

2.1. No Investment Advice: Information from Neural Blox Labs serves informational purposes only. It's not a substitute for professional financial or legal consultation. We do not offer investment promises or guarantees.

2.2. Dynamic Information: Details about Neural Blox Labs' services and products are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to adjust our offerings as needed.

3. Legal Adherence:

3.1. Compliance Obligation: Participants are solely responsible for ensuring their activities align with the legal requirements of their jurisdiction.

4. Emphasis on Security:

4.1. Commitment to Security: Neural Blox Labs prioritizes participant security, though it's important to recognize the inherent vulnerabilities in the crypto space. Adhering to best security practices is essential.

4.2. Awareness of Hacking Risks: The threat of unauthorized access is real. Prompt reporting of suspicious activities is highly encouraged.

5. Understanding the Market Structure:

5.1. Consumer Protection Notice: Traditional consumer protections may not be present in the cryptocurrency and DeFi markets. Participants should engage with a clear understanding of this aspect.

6. Review of Terms and Privacy:

6.1. Importance of Reviewing Terms: Participants are advised to thoroughly review Neural Blox Labs' Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which detail user rights, responsibilities, and data management.

7. Recognition of Specific Risks:

7.1. Depegging and Bridging Risks: Participants should be mindful of the risks associated with asset depegging and the use of bridges in DeFi. Market dynamics, technical challenges, or smart contract vulnerabilities can affect asset value and transaction processes.

8. Prohibition of Unfair Practices:

8.1. No Unfair Advantage: Neural Blox Labs is committed to ensuring a fair and honest environment in the Space Race Points Program. As such, the following practices are strictly prohibited and will result in severe consequences, including removal of accrued stars, account suspension, or permanent exclusion from the program at the end of the Space Race:

  • Sybil Attacks: Creating multiple accounts or colluding to manipulate the points system.

  • Automated Programs: Using bots, scripts, or any form of automation to skew participation or rewards.

  • Exploitation of Loopholes: Using any system vulnerabilities or unintended features to gain an unfair edge.

  • Misrepresentation: Providing false information or impersonating others to deceive the system or other participants.

  • Buying points or stars: Trading points or stars is completely prohibited and will be penalized.

We employ advanced monitoring systems to detect and deter these unfair practices. We aim to maintain the Space Race Program's fairness, integrity, and competitive spirit. Actions taken at the conclusion of the Space Race are in place to uphold the legitimacy and competitive balance of the program.

Participants acknowledge their understanding of this agreement and agree to its terms by engaging with the Neural Blox Labs Space Race Points Program.

Neural Blox Labs is dedicated to providing an innovative and secure platform but reminds participants that involvement in cryptocurrency is inherently risky. We encourage informed decision-making and consultation with professional advisors for legal, financial, and security matters.

Neural Blox Labs reserves the right to modify this disclaimer as needed. Participants must regularly review this agreement to stay informed of any changes.

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