This set of smart contracts are responsible for connecting to a protocol. They all support the IConnector interface, but each of them could have different functions to deposit into protocols. At this time, they all inherit the “BaseConnector.sol” too.

Connectors that noya supports

  • aave v3 (connectors/AaveConnector.sol)

  • Aerodrome/velodrome V2 (connectors/AerodromeConnector.sol)

  • Balancer v3 (connectors/BalancerConnector.sol)

  • Aura (connectors/BalancerConnector.sol)

  • Camelot (connectors/CamelotConnector.sol)

  • Compound v3 (connectors/CompoundConnector.sol)

  • Curve (connectors/CurveConnector.sol)

  • Convex (connectors/CurveConnector.sol)

  • Prisma (connectors/CurveConnector.sol)

  • Dolomite (connectors/Dolomite.sol)

  • FraxLend (connectors/FraxConnector.sol)

  • GearBox V3 (connectors/GearBoxV3.sol)

  • Lido (connectors/LidoConnector.sol)

  • Maverick V1 (connectors/MaverickConnector.sol)

  • Morpho Blue (connectors/MorphoBlueConnector.sol)

  • Pancakeswap V3 (connectors/PancakeswapConnector.sol)

  • Pendle (connectors/PendleConnector.sol)

  • Penpie (connectors/PendleConnector.sol)

  • Prisma (connectors/PrismaConnector.sol)

  • Silo (connectors/SiloConnector.sol)

  • SNXV3 (connectors/SNXConnector.sol)

  • Stargate (connectors/StargateConnector.sol)

  • UNIv3 (connectors/UNIv3Connector.sol)

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