Risk and Monitoring

Harnessing AI and Comprehensive Risk Analysis: NOYA's Approach to DeFi Yield Optimization

NOYA employs an all-encompassing approach to risk management and monitoring, covering various aspects of assets, protocols, and chains to maintain a secure and yield-optimized platform. The key factors considered include:


  1. Death spiral risk: Evaluating the likelihood of a self-sustaining downward trend in asset value.

  2. Asset collateralization: Assessing the collateral supporting the assets to ensure stability and minimize risk.

  3. Market cap: Examining the asset's market capitalization to measure its liquidity and robustness.

  4. Single points of failure: Identifying and mitigating any vulnerabilities or dependencies posing considerable risks.

  5. Protocol dependencies: Investigating how assets rely on other protocols and the potential risks these dependencies present.

  6. Peg stability: Monitoring pool volume, liquidity, and pricing volatility.


  1. Code quality: Reviewing audits, auditors' track records, team transparency, and the number of hacks to gauge the security of the underlying protocol.

  2. Maturity: Analyzing the protocol's Total Value Locked ranking, governance concentration levels, and any governance-related issues.

  3. Design: Evaluating tokenomics, systemic risks, and possible ponzi-like mechanisms to ensure the protocol's long-term sustainability and feasibility.


  1. Purpose of native token: Assessing the function and utility of the chain's native token to determine its value proposition and potential risks.

  2. Total value invested: Estimating the amount of capital invested in the chain to gauge its overall strength and stability.

  3. Level of decentralization: Assessing the distribution of control and decision-making power within the chain to ensure a secure and equitable ecosystem.

  4. Number of nodes: Evaluating the number of nodes participating in the network to ascertain its resilience and resistance to attacks.

  5. Concentration of staking: Analyzing the distribution of staking power among participants to identify potential centralization risks and maintain the integrity of the chain.

By scrutinizing these factors, NOYA can develop a comprehensive understanding of the various elements within its ecosystem, allowing it to make informed decisions when optimizing yield and managing risk. This thorough approach, combined with utilizing on-chain and off-chain data, AI-driven models and simulations, and ongoing monitoring, enables NOYA to provide a secure and high-performing platform for DeFi operations.

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