Interoperability: The Secure Messenger of NOYA

Current Challenges:

Existing protocols rely on a single messaging mechanism that, if it fails, could result in the loss of funds

NOYA’s Approach:

LayerZero V2 Integration

NOYA incorporates LayerZero V2, advancing its interoperability with a flexible, secure infrastructure. LayerZero V2 enhances cross-chain messaging, allowing diverse message types to traverse over 20 blockchains seamlessly. Its Modular Security allows developers to choose from a variety of DVNs for customized security stacks, catering to varied application needs and ensuring robust cross-chain communication.

Polyhedra's zkLightClient Integration

Complementing LayerZero, NOYA leverages Polyhedra's zkLightClient, utilizing zero-knowledge proofs for secure cross-chain messaging. This integration optimizes transaction batching and reduces on-chain verification costs, ensuring efficient, confidential data validation across chains. The combination of Polyhedra and LayerZero V2 sets a new benchmark for secure, efficient cross-chain interoperability in the DeFi ecosystem

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