LYFA: Leverage Yield Farming Aggregator


LYFA Protocol represents an innovative advancement in decentralized finance (DeFi), leveraging the robust infrastructure of NOYA to empower users in optimizing asset utilization while ensuring safety and minimizing liquidation risks. By focusing on Loan-to-Value (LTV) optimization and omnichain yield, LYFA Protocol offers a sophisticated solution for users seeking to maximize returns across various chains.

Protocol Architecture

LYFA Protocol is built upon the NOYA infrastructure and comprises the following key components:

AI-driven Prediction Engine:

Employs advanced machine learning algorithms to forecast borrowing rates, yields, and liquidity dynamics across multiple chains and protocols. These models are proven using ZKML.

Position Management Module:

Autonomously manages user positions by dynamically adjusting LTV ratios and asset allocations to optimize returns while minimizing the risk of liquidation.

Asset Collateralization Options:

Offers support for a wide array of collateral types, including liquid staking tokens, liquid restaking tokens, wrapped BTC, and premium NFTs.

Key Features

LTV Optimization

Dynamic LTV Adjustments: Utilizes AI predictions to optimize LTV ratios, enabling users to maximize borrowing capacity without risking liquidation.

Real-time Monitoring:

Continuously monitors market conditions and asset performance to ensure LTV ratios remain within safe thresholds.

Omnichain Yield Maximization

Identifies high-yield opportunities across multiple chains, leveraging advanced predictive analytics.

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