Why use NOYA?

NOYA is simply better:

  1. Redefining trust: Leveraging the power of Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning (ZKML), NOYA eliminates reliance on intermediaries by ensuring each AI agents' movements execute correctly.

  2. Safeguarding Innovation: With ZKML, NOYA doesn't just protect its own strategic edge. It extends this advantage to other model architects, enabling them to keep their uniquely crafted model weights confidential, fostering an environment for continuous innovation and competition.

  3. Unveiling transparent efficiency: NOYA's groundbreaking use of ZKML paves the way for verifiable backtesting, offering an indisputable window into the effectiveness of its AI-agent driven strategies.

  4. Lower fees: By batching transactions, NOYA reduces the number of transactions per user, lowering costs as the entire vault moves between different chains and pools.

  5. Across all chains: Users can rest easy knowing that NOYA is simultaneously monitoring all chains to secure the highest yields possible.

  6. Enhanced security: NOYA implements robust security measures, including audits, watchers, and vault withdrawal limits, ensuring a secure system.

  7. Off-chain computation: This feature enables the use of resource-intensive yield-chasing algorithms, optimizing returns without overloading the blockchain.

  8. Stake and forget approach: NOYA simplifies yield optimization, allowing users to stake their tokens and let the algorithm automatically find the best balance in search of yield.

  9. Composability: Multiple protocols can be built on top of NOYA seamlessly and easily.

  10. Multi-asset strategies: NOYA caters to a diverse range of blue-chip assets, crafting tailored strategies to maximize returns.

  11. 24/7 operation: NOYA works round-the-clock to ensure users benefit from the best yield optimization opportunities.

  12. Proactive calculations: NOYA uses AI to predict yields and allocate proactively instead of reactively.

What makes NOYA Unique?

Using NOYA offers several key advantages in the realm of DeFi yield optimization:

  1. AI-agent driven approach: NOYA's cutting-edge AI technology simplifies the complex task of predicting yields, intelligently identifying and capitalizing on high-yield opportunities across multiple chains, protocols, and assets.

  2. Seamless bridging and swapping: By partnering with leading Dex and Bridge aggregators, NOYA ensures efficient asset swapping and bridging, optimizing returns while minimizing costs.

  3. Accessible to all: NOYA's user-friendly platform caters to investors of all experience levels, democratizing access to sophisticated DeFi strategies and yield optimization techniques.

  4. Continuous innovation: With a commitment to staying at the forefront of DeFi advancements, NOYA adapts and evolves to incorporate the latest strategies and tools for yield optimization, ensuring users benefit from the best opportunities.

  5. Security and transparency: NOYA prioritizes user trust by implementing robust security measures and maintaining a transparent platform, ensuring that users can confidently optimize their yields in a secure environment.

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