Since the explosion of DeFi in 2020, users have been eagerly seeking ways to earn high yields on their crypto assets. However, as the industry has grown and evolved, it has become increasingly difficult for individual users to navigate the complex landscape of yield farming, liquidity providing, and cross-chain transactions.

Yield farming, in particular, has become much more competitive, with yields becoming increasingly compressed due to the proliferation of new platforms and the rising cost of gas on the Ethereum mainchain. LPing on Uniswap, for example, has become more complex due to the introduction of LP ranges, making it more difficult for users to earn high yields on their liquidity.

To address these pain points and make DeFi more accessible to a wider audience, NOYA has emerged as the first-ever Agent driven Native Omnichain Yield Optimizer. NOYA is a non-custodial, permissionless platform that provides users with high-risk adjusted yields across multiple chains, making it easier for users to earn the highest returns on their crypto assets without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

Unlike other yield farms and aggregators that are limited to one chain or one farm, NOYA is designed to work across multiple chains and farms, providing users with a truly omnichain yield optimization solution. With NOYA, users can simply stake their assets and let the platform automatically seek out the highest-yielding opportunities across different chains and farms.

At NOYA, the utilization of Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning (ZKML) paves the way for an unprecedented standard in yield farming. This innovative technology enables the AI agents used by NOYA to remain private, protecting their competitive advantage, while their execution is made verifiable. In essence, ZKML permits the creation of a proof that an AI model has run correctly without revealing its detailed internal workings. This serves as a trustless certificate of the models' execution, ensuring users maximum transparency and reliability. Furthermore, ZKML lays the foundation for verifiable backtesting, a significant leap in demonstrating model efficiency with transparent, auditable results. Hence, the integration of ZKML into NOYA's architecture represents a considerable stride forward in secure, reliable, and efficient yield farming.

By democratizing access to omnichain yield and unlocking siloed liquidity, NOYA is opening up new opportunities for users to earn higher returns on their crypto assets and participate in the growing DeFi ecosystem. Whether you're an experienced trader or a newcomer to the world of crypto, NOYA makes it easier than ever to optimize your yield and earn the highest returns on your investments.

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