Decentralized Strategy Keepers

NOYA Keepers: Pioneering Secure and Private Execution

Current Shortfalls

Traditional keeper mechanisms are lacking in several critical areas. They do not offer private execution, which is essential for protecting proprietary strategies and sustaining the competitive advantage of different AI agents. Additionally, their operational scope is often limited to specific blockchains, constraining the protocol’s effectiveness in a diverse, multichain environment. Furthermore, conventional keepers do not adequately address Miner Extractable Value (MEV) concerns, potentially leading to inefficiencies and value leakage.

NOYA's Enhanced Solution

Versatile and Confidential Execution

NOYA’s reengineered keepers are built to be versatile and private. They support private model execution. By relying on ZKML, these keepers can approve transactions even when the models are hidden by verifying model outputs.

Omnichain Capability

These keepers are inherently designed with an omnichain perspective, enabling seamless functionality and compatibility across a variety of chains. This universal design approach ensures that NOYA’s operations are wide-reaching and efficient.

MEV and Cross-Domain MEV Mitigation

Recognizing the complexities of MEV and cross-domain MEV, NOYA's keepers are equipped to mitigate potential risks associated with publicly submitted transactions. All of the AI agent's model results are encrypted. They will be published only after transaction execution. This makes sure no one front runs any possible movements by the agents.

AI-Driven Validation Techniques:

NOYA integrates sophisticated AI validation techniques within its keepers. These techniques are designed to scrutinize and validate AI-driven decisions continuously, enhancing the reliability and coherence of the outputs. By employing advanced validation mechanisms, NOYA ensures that the actions taken by the AI agents are sound, accurate, and aligned with the overarching strategy and risk parameters of the protocol.

How does it work?

Advanced keepers are central to orchestrating a secure, efficient, and transparent DeFi operation, incorporating robust encryption to minimize exposure to both Miner Extractable Value (MEV) and cross-domain MEV.

The process starts with the encrypted movements being published onto IPFS with their respected proofs. This encryption is crucial, serving as the first line of defense against MEV and cross-domain MEV. By encrypting the data, NOYA ensures that the Agent movements are concealed from searchers and other actors who might seek to front-run or exploit the transactions, thereby preserving the integrity and intended outcomes of the strategies.

Once the AI agent publishes the movement and it is ready for execution, the keepers collaboratively decrypt these messages. This collective decryption approach ensures no single entity has unilateral control over the data, maintaining a high level of security and trust in the process.

Following decryption, the keepers engage in a comprehensive verification protocol. They validate the accuracy and proper utilization of data inputs in the AI models and confirm the models' adherence to their predefined parameters and environments. Employing Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning (zkML) technology, the keepers can verify the accuracy of the AI model outputs while preserving data privacy and model integrity, which is crucial for maintaining confidentiality and trust in the system.

Prior to executing any transactions on the blockchain (onchain), the keepers simulate the proposed transactions to predict their potential impact and efficacy. If the results of the simulation are in line with the strategic objectives and market conditions, the keepers proceed to the final and critical phase of the process.

In this phase, after all keepers have signed off on the transaction onchain with one watcher, they republish the movements and the corresponding proofs in an unencrypted format. This step not only marks the movement's execution but also reinforces the platform's commitment to transparency. By openly publishing the movements and proofs, NOYA ensures that the actions undertaken by agents are visible and verifiable by all stakeholders, thus maintaining a transparent and accountable ecosystem.

In summary, from the initial encryption to shield against MEV and cross-domain MEV, through the collaborative decryption and meticulous verification, to the final transparent publication of actions and proofs, NOYA's advanced keepers ensure that every agent's movement is executed securely, efficiently, and transparently, aligning with the platform's commitment to integrity, privacy, and transparency in the DeFi space.

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