NOLA: Native Omnichain Lending Aggregator


NOLA Protocol delegates managing the loans to AI agents that minimize borrowing rates. NOLA works across multiple protocols, assets, and chains.

NOLA Protocol, built atop the NOYA infrastructure, comprises the following key components:

AI-driven Borrowing Rate Prediction Engine

Employs advanced machine learning algorithms to forecast borrowing rates across various assets, protocols, and chains. These models are enhanced using cutting-edge techniques such as zero-knowledge machine learning (ZKML).

Debt Teleportation Module

Facilitates the seamless transfer of debt between different protocols This module enables users to optimize borrowing costs and capitalize on opportunities across diverse ecosystems.

NOLA will also be able to teleport debt across different chains using uncollateralized loans by taking the liquidity from one chain from NOYA and paying it back on another.

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