Space Race

Space Race Program

Our “Space Race” program is an ongoing event that will reward everyone who contributes to the growth of our project and our TVL in general.

Typical points programs favor whales and do not reward early adopters. We decided to innovate on a regular points program by ensuring that an equal amount of stars will be released every week. Points are used to measure your share of the weekly rewards. This will incentivize early users and give an edge to users who leveled up early on. Later down the line, as NOYA releases more vaults, the rewards will be distributed to a larger liquidity pool, so it is prudent to deposit and level up earlier.


The points will be awarded in 5 main ways:

1. Invite a Noyan:

This task will be completed if the user you invited (with any of your referral links) deposits any amount in one of our vaults. The higher the deposit, the more points both of you gain.

2. Deposit in any vault:

This task will be completed if you deposit any amount in any of our vaults. The higher your deposit amount, the more points you will gain.

3. Bond deposits:

This task will be completed if you bond your deposit amount (in any of our vaults) for any duration. The higher the bond duration, the more points you will instantly gain.

4. Connect Socials:

This task will be completed when you connect your X, email, and discord.

5. Weekly Spins:

Access weekly spins when you connect your socials and bond a minimum amount.


Stars will represent your overall contribution to our protocol.

In the near future, the Stars will be claimable for other rewards.

Your total points gained during the previous week will transfer to Stars every Monday.

You level up by earning Stars. The more Stars you earn, the easier it becomes to level up due to the point multiplier rewards.

With each level gained, you immediately receive that level’s rewards, including points multipliers, NFT eligibility, custom referral links, merchandise, and more.

Your level will be represented in our Discord server with the adequate role each level brings.

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